Swing Dance Instructional DVD

  • Tom & Debra DVD - Jitterbug & Lindy Essentials
  • Absolute Beginner Level Jitterbug and Lindy Hop

In this DVD they cover:

  • Basic 6 count Footwork
  • Basic Closed Position
  • Underarm Turn
  • Transition to Side-by-Side Position
  • Jockey
  • Send-Out
  • Basic Eight-Count Footwork
  • Lindy Whip
  • Lindy Circle
  • Charleston
  • Side by Side Charleston
  • Half-Turn Charleston
  • Transition to Back Charleston
  • Back Charleston
  • Underarm Turn from Back Charleston

...and the best thing on the DVD (in our humble opinion) - ADDED BONUS FOOTAGE: the "Do as we say, not as we do" performance video where you learn that Tom cannot memorize choreography (this DVD is worth the cost for this footage alone!)

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