Women's Wedge Dance Shoes

Aris Allen Brown Nubuc Peep-Toe Mary Jane Wedge Swing Dance Shoes

  • These are an exact copy of a to-die-for Forties' wedge shoe!
  • Flexible Raw Leather Sole & Foam Lined Footbed - great for dancing. Because they have a closed heel and buckle across the middle means these will stay snuggly on your feet.
  • These were copied from the vintage pair that were loved to death (literally) by a very famous, very blonde, swing dancer (think Hollywood Style Lindy!). We copied them from her original pair.
  • These are designed for the intermediate / advanced swing dancer - but they're also great as a second pair for beginners... the “fastness” of the sole forces you to “find your center” immediately.
  • Aris Allen is known for making vintage style swing dance shoes and reproduction models that are more authentic equipment for dancing swing than ordinary ballroom shoes are. Their philosophy being that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same style of shoes the inventors of the dance were wearing.
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