Aris Allen Women's Brown Velvet 1940s 3-Buckle Dance Shoes

  • These are an exact copy of a 1940s Swing-Era dress shoe and have a suede-bottom sole. The nap on the velvet is very short giving it a suede-like appearance.
  • This style is a vintage reproduction and features three adjustable buckles that gives the shoe some serious character and allows you to control the fit at your instep and has beautiful cutwork on the vamp.
  • Made with flexible suede-bottom soles and heels which are perfect for dancers of all skill levels.
  • The footbed is made with soft foam lining so your feet are just as comfortable before and after showing them off in the jam :)
  • Aris Allen is known for making vintage style swing dance shoes and reproduction models that are more authentic equipment for dancing swing than ordinary ballroom shoes are. Their philosophy being that your dancing will look more authentic if you wear the same style of shoes the inventors of the dance were wearing.
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