Aris Allen Women's Black & White Leather Sole Oxford - CLOSEOUT - *Limited Sizes*

$ 14.95 $ 79.95

The Aris Allen Women's Black & White Heeled Oxford Dance Shoe has a varnished leather sole and heel. The all leather upper is very soft. This is a shoe that gives you that wonderful combination of a decent sized heel in a lace-up shoe.

  • Please check the sizing recommendations before placing your order.
  • Item #: 159-BW


The footbed is not cushioned - so expect to put a foam insole into this model. The 1/4" thick raw leather sole acts like a platform and is quite flexible to help you feel the floor.

A note about handmade Aris Allen Women's Heeled Oxford Dance Shoes -
The shoe on your foot is the product of a craftsman who sees the shoe from start to finish. They are not stamped out. Expect tiny imperfections.

Highest point of heel is approx. 2" high - and is "chunky" for greater stability. The mock-stacked leather heel is actually made of leather-wrapped wood with a thick leather bottom - perfect for converting into a tap shoe.


These come in half sizes and dancers who have tried these shoes on report that they fit pretty true to size. Because of their construction we do not recommend them for women with very wide feet.


These have the Aris Allen Raw Sole - which is made from flexible hard leather that gets "faster" over time by repeatedly absorbing the natural humidity in the air (especially at a dance) and drying.

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