Aris Allen Black Satin 1930s T-Strap Shoes with Street Soles for Narrow Feet - CLOSEOUT

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  • These T-Straps are beautifully copied from a 1930s bridal shoe. Unlike the rest of our line, these do not have dance soles so they are made for non-dancers who are looking for a vintage shoe.
  • Note: This style works best with narrow feet.
  • They are totally vegan and are made with a flexible synthetic sole.
  • The ankle/T-strap keeps your feet held firmly in this model. The footbed is made with soft foam lining.
  • Aris Allen is known for making vintage style swing dance shoes and reproduction models.
  • Please check the sizing recommendations before placing your order.
  • Item #: 2073-BK


    ***Remember that these have street soles - not suede soles like most of our shoes.***

    • The heels are approximately 3.25" inches (8.26cm) tall and the base of the heel is 1.25" inches (3.18cm) wide to help keep you stable.
    • The adjustable "set-it-and-forget-it" buckle on the ankle strap allows you to set your desired fit and slip the strap in and out of the "J" hook closure without needing to readjust it every time you wear the shoes. The buckle is attached with a piece of elastic so it has a little "give" when you're up on your toes.

      (Our returns show we are right about 90% of the time)

      We've found - by trying these on countless women - that - as long as you have narrow feet - these fit pretty much true to size.


      • Narrow Feet: happy
      • Average width or Wide width: not happy

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